Calling All Time-Hop Fans!

When one of your very favorite authors revamps the covers to some of your very favorite books and then has a huge sale on Amazon?


Sometimes you discover an author that just resonates with you. One who has the capability of transporting you with ease into the stories that they have formed. As evidenced by this bookthis book and this book, Amalia Dillin has had (and continues to have) a huge impact on my reading adventures. The way she writes, the depth of her characters, the worlds that she creates…seriously, just give me everything that she has ever written. (My birthday is coming up…*ahem*…just saying.)

So now, here are the celebratory deets! (I can’t believe I just said ‘deets.’ I must be excited. How totes adorbs of me.)

Forged by Fate, Fate Forgotten and Beyond Fate have all been given brand new (GORGEOUS) covers! And, Forged by Fate is on sale on Amazon for only 99 cents (US and UK) for your Kindle until Wednesday, November 22nd!

New FotG final flats 3
I’m dying. These are beautiful.

Q & A with Amalia!

1. What was your hardest scene to write? 
Everything in the Creation timeline of Forged by Fate was for some reason IMPOSSIBLE for me to get quite right. I fought with Eve’s awakening for AGES and AGES, trying to get the right amount of innocence and active awareness, to balance the overwhelming nature of being MADE against engagement with the world around her. Also, there’s a fight scene/fist fight in that timeline, if I remember correctly, that gave me FITS. Choreographing physical fights is SO HARD for me. So yeah, that whole third of the book, pretty much! It’s still not my favorite part of FORGED to this day because I get flashbacks of having to wrestle it all into submission.
2. When did you realize that language had power? 
Oh boy. I feel like this is something I knew without really knowing for a long time, so it’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment or time in my life when it bloomed into my awareness. But I keep thinking of the time I read on the Viking Answer Lady’s site about how the Old Norse peoples outlawed love poetry, because they thought it could bespell/bewitch someone. That feels late, because it was within the last ten years really, but I feel like I have never forgotten or NOT considered the power of language since then. Maybe it drove it home that much harder. Certainly it resonated inside me. Like, YES. YES. THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE, OF COURSE.
3. What was your favorite childhood book?
I LOVED books with animals–about kids who had bonds with animals. Books like GENTLE BEN, about a boy and his Grizzly bear, and RASCAL, about a boy and his pet raccoon. I would have loved it if there had been more books about GIRLS and their unconventional pets but you know how it is–we work with what we’ve got! A PONY FOR THE WINTER was also a favorite, which WAS about a girl who got a pony, temporarily. One of the characters (I can’t remember now if it was the pony or the girl) was named Molly, which I found particularly novel because that was my family nick name, and I didn’t know any other Mollys but me! So of course I ate that up, too. I always wanted my own unconventional wild-animal-pet so those books were kind of wish fulfillment for me.
4. As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/spirit animal?
Um, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE tigers and they are my most favorite animal in the world. But. I actually did a shamanic journeying class/thing several years ago, and my animal guide was a small gray horse (he was NOT happy to be referred to as a pony and he seemed like maybe he was a little Icelandic-Horse-ish) named Hubert–who then later revealed himself to be a much LARGER, GORGEOUS horse, named Sleipnir! So, I feel like Sleipnir should definitely get the honors, here.
5. And finally, what is your writing Kryptonite? 
Writing Kryptonite. Hmm. Can I just say Publishing? Ha. Everything post-release? Writing under contract, maybe, too. Because the last time I did, it broke me a lot. But I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to it to a degree, so it might just be the dregs of my severe burn out talking. I mean what I usually say is this: I LOVE writing. Nothing in this world makes me feel as good as sinking into that beautiful drafting zone where nothing matters but the story and the characters and everything else just falls away. I am happiest and healthiest when I am pouring myself into a book I love. But publishing is–something else altogether. You have no control, and all you can do is just hope and pray and let the book go. And the more of yourself you poured into the book, the harder it is to do that. It’s rough on my psyche.

More about Forged by Fate!

New Forged by Fate Web

After Adam fell, God made Eve to protect the world. They aren’t alone: Thor of the Aesir stalks them, sent by the Council of Gods to keep Adam and Eve apart and powerless. But when Adam finds Eve in present-day France, the careful balance Thor has kept between Elohim’s children and the gods begins to tip, and only Eve, with Thor’s help, can prevent Ragnarok. Unless Adam persuades her to risk the world and all their fates for a forbidden love…

Trust me, Friends. You won’t be disappointed. These books are breathtakingly good. Hop on over to Amazon, pick up Forged by Fate for 99 cents, then grab Fate Forgotten and Beyond Fate while you’re there. Trust me, you’re going to want them.


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