Forged by Fate

This review is way overdue, People. Ridiculously overdue. (And the Most Patient Author Award goes to….Amalia Dillin!) I say that it’s overdue because a) I finished it in 2 days and b) that was awhile ago. But, the last book that I read by this author (check that out here) affected me the very same way! I finished the book quickly, but needed time to mull it over. There’s just something about the way this author writes that speaks to me on several different levels.

My very favorite subject in High School was Greek Mythology. I loved learning about the different gods and goddesses, who was married to whom, who was related to whom, and what their stories were. And if the story involved Athena? I was all over it. This love then led to my studying of the mythology of my own ancestors; Norse Mythology. Which, by the way, is absolutely nothing like Marvel comics would have you believe. Ahem. Just saying.


Amalia creates a story where all of the mythologies come together; Thor, Odin, Zeus, Isis, God, angels. All of it is real, all of it exists, and all of the deities are aware of each other, visit each other, work together, argue with one another and are invested in the lives of the humans. The book covers three different time periods; Creation, Present and Future.

In Creation Adam has fallen and is angry, jealous and power hungry. Eve is newly created, with the purpose of being God’s grace personified to all of humanity. She soon learns that she isn’t like the others, and that Adam is someone to be avoided. In the Present time, Eve (who reincarnates at death and is fully aware of her past lives) falls in love with a strong, compassionate, protective and brave warrior man. (Who just happens to be Thor, unbeknownst to Eve.) In the Future timeline, Eve is married again and learning to live with her new life, while haunted by memories of her one love (Thor) and suddenly finding herself faced with Adam.

Amalia Dillin is brilliant (Superb. Glorious. Remarkable. Exceptional. I need another synonym, quick!) at weaving stories together in such intensely beautiful ways. You get drawn in to the lives of the characters and the seamless flow between timelines. But more than that, the characters work their way into your soul. (Especially Thor. Not ashamed to admit that I am slightly infatuated with Thor.) (Also? Athena is in this book. I’m not even kidding. You’re welcome.)

Bottom Line: I will forever purchase anything that Amalia writes. I don’t even care what the subject is that she chooses to write about. She could write an entire book about French Fries, and I would be like, “Oh my goodness Friends, give me all the french fries!” In other words, you won’t be disappointed in this book. Pinky swear.


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