About Stacie

Meet Stacie.

Stacie is so many things, more than we have time to list; but why let one thing define you?

This blog is room to explore and pursue who Stacie is…and is becoming…with each passing day.

She is a mom-treprenuer as a Sseko Fellow/Stylist and a home-schooling mastermind. She is a Norwegian proud of her heritage, a book worm, a history nerd and a chocolate-tasting expert…well, that last one may not be true. But she does love a good cup of coffee with a side of chocolate ’cause let’s face it; life is short.

Stacie reads three books at a time on average, thinks outside the box and lets her hair live it’s own life. She is fervent about empowering others and passionate about breaking the mold. She loves encouraging women to be all that God made them to be; strong, happy, free and living the life He wants for them.

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