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Parting the Veil + Giveaway!

Parting the Veil by Paulette Kennedy Publication Date: November 1, 2021 Lake Union Publishing Genre: Historical/Gothic/Romance Some houses hold secrets that are meant to be kept forever… Parting the Veil, a suspenseful gothic romance about a scandalous Gilded Age heiress who meets a charming British lord with a tragic past, only to discover dark family… Continue reading Parting the Veil + Giveaway!

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The Factory Girl and the Fey + Giveaway!

The Factory Girl and the Fey by Nadine Galinsky Feldman Publication Date: October 14, 2021 Genre: Historical Fiction/Fantasy Jane Thorburn straddles two worlds: her life as a “factory girl” in Scotland’s mills, and her birthright as fairy royalty. Abandoned by her parents as an infant, and uncertain about the true motives of the Fey, she… Continue reading The Factory Girl and the Fey + Giveaway!

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The King’s Anatomist + Giveaway!

The King’s Anatomist: The Journey of Andreas Vesalius by Ron Blumenfeld Publication Date: October 12, 2021 History Through Fiction LLC Genre: Historical Fiction A revolutionary anatomist, a memory-laden journey, and a shocking discovery. n 1565 Brussels, the reclusive mathematician Jan van den Bossche receives shattering news that his lifelong friend, the renowned and controversial anatomist… Continue reading The King’s Anatomist + Giveaway!

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Voices in the Mist + Giveaway!

Voices in the Mist by Susanne Dunlap Publication Date: September 21, 2021 Bellastoria Press Series: The Orphans of Tolosa, Book 3 Genre: Historical Fiction Marry a Catholic stranger, or flee the only world she’s ever known: Headstrong Bruna de Gansard must choose one or the other to protect her Cathar family from the inquisitors. Toulouse,… Continue reading Voices in the Mist + Giveaway!

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Windswept + Giveaway!

Windswept by Annabelle McCormack Publication Date: September 21, 2021 Paperback & eBook; 438 pages Series: The Windswept Saga, Book One Genre: Historical Fiction A British nurse in WWI Egypt races to deliver explosive intelligence that could change the course of the war in this novel of suspense, adventure, and love. May, 1917. Ginger Whitman left… Continue reading Windswept + Giveaway!

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The Brandon Trilogy + Giveaway!

Mary: Tudor Princess by Tony Riches Publication Date: December 3, 2018 Preseli Press Series: The Brandon Trilogy, Book 1 Genre: Historical/Tudor/Biographical From the author of the international best-selling Tudor Trilogy, the true story of the Tudor dynasty continues with the daughter of King Henry VII, sister to King Henry VIII. Mary Tudor watches her elder… Continue reading The Brandon Trilogy + Giveaway!

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A Rake Like You + Giveaway!

A Rake Like You by Becky Michaels Publication Date: August 31, 2021 Mildred Press Series: Linfield Hall, Book #2 Genre: Historical Romance/Regency About to turn thirty, Charles Finch finally realizes his luck has run out. He’s twenty thousand pounds in debt, his entire family hates him, and the powerful Duke of Rutley is watching his… Continue reading A Rake Like You + Giveaway!

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The Artist Colony + Giveaway!

The Artist Colony by Joanna FitzPatrick Publication Date: September 7, 2021 She Writes Press Paperback & eBook; 328 pages Genre: Historical Fiction Paris, July, 1924… Sarah, a young Modernist painter, receives a cable from California. Her estranged older sister, Ada Belle, has died under suspicious circumstances. When she arrives two weeks later at San Francisco’s… Continue reading The Artist Colony + Giveaway!