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Ramble ~ Bible Versions

Hello, Friends! So today’s post is going to be a little different. This isn’t a book review, but rather me sharing something with you that’s been on my mind. It’s part vent, part encouragement. I’ll even keep it somewhat brief for you.

If you’ve hung around my blog long enough, you know that I am in love with my Bible. There is nothing I would rather do than sit with my Bible and study my eyeballs out. It wasn’t always this way, mind you. Years ago, weeks would go by without me so much as bothering to dust my Bible off. It was a discipline that took practice and consistency…and what I hoped would turn into a daily habit has turned into a daily passion, and a necessary one, at that.


So here is where my frustration comes in:

I have studied the differences between Bible versions for a really, really long time. And the more studying I do, the more I run into articles/blog posts/YouTube videos and so forth that are promoting one Bible version as the best/most accurate/one and only version that should be read. Some even go so far as to tell you that all other versions are evil and should be tossed out immediately. Usually Psalm 12:7 is quoted, which talks about God promising to preserve His word for all generations, and then they apply this verse to their particular chosen version.


Can I ask you something? When God promised us that He would preserve His word, do you honestly think that the version you hold in your hands wasn’t part of that promise? Are you going to get to Heaven someday, with all of your favorite verses treasured up in your heart, only to have God say to you, “So sorry, Dear One. You didn’t read the correct version. What a shame. Go stand on that cloud over there and think about what you’ve done.”


Listen…learn about the different translations. I encourage you to do this. Educate yourself. Learn which versions are word-for-word in translation. Learn which versions are thought-for-thought in translation. (You can Tweet me your questions @PursuingStacie, too!) Some versions use a combination of both word-for-word and thought-for-thought. Some are just text, some include commentary, cross-references and/or copious study notes. Some are tailored to a specific people (such as a Women’s Study Bible, or a Bible for Teens.)


But here’s the kicker…pick the Bible that makes you want to continue reading. Know why? Because that Bible that you fall in love with is God’s promise of His word preserved, for you. Your King in Heaven literally wrote a Book for you. For you! He has promised to make sure that in your day, you will have a Bible to read…one that resonates with you and your soul-to-soul relationship with Him. I don’t care if you prefer the King James Bible or The Message. I don’t care if your pastor/best friend/favorite vlogger/the ice-cream man/your manicurist or the barista who made your coffee this morning tells you to only read this version or that version. You find your version. Then pick it up, study it, love it, read it, obsess over it, write notes in it, use tabs, use postie-notes, highlight it, tape it back together when it starts to fall apart and then read it some more!

Because that, Friends, is why it’s called a personal relationship with Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Ramble ~ Bible Versions

  1. Yes yes yes agreed! I love different versions. NLT is so fluid. AMP fleshes things out. The Psalms and Proverbs are never more poetic than in KJV or NKJV. YLT is so fantastically literal. The Message is my newest and it’s currently on my bedside. I think I’ve fallen in love with NASB and am hoping to find a copy on sale this holiday season. So anyway, well said!

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    1. Yes, exactly! I almost feel like I go between versions based on my needs at the time. I was raised on the NIV, so it is my constant. But the KJV is making my heart happy these days, so it’s on my night stand as we speak. NASB is brilliant for serious study as it is so literal in its translation. I love it! I love the NLT and The Message too! I probably love the majority of them, ha! Thank you for reading, I always love when you stop by 😍


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