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Thomas Nelson NKJV Study Bible

Okay, can we just say that I am ridiculously excited to write this review for you? Let’s just put that out there, right out of the gate. Because we all know my slight  minor  colossal passion for Bibles.

Whenever I have the opportunity to review a Bible, I jump at the chance. Now with that said, I usually know what to expect with a review Bible. They are usually hardback…sometimes paperback…with not many bells and whistles; just enough to give me an idea of what that particular Bible is all about. And this is truly understandable, as nice leather editions can be pretty pricey. So, when I opened the box from BookLook and saw a fancy box from Thomas Nelson inside, I was fairly shocked. Instead of the usual review copy that I am used to, they sent a beautiful imitation leather edition. (Which is what I would have purchased, were I to buy it for myself. I have a couple of Bibles in imitation leather and they are so soft.) But it’s the meat and potatoes of this Bible that I really want to share with you.


The first thing I did was open it to the back to check out the maps. Friends, when looking for Study Bibles, do yourself a favor and check out the maps. If a lot of work was put into them, then it’s a pretty safe bet that the rest of the Bible will have some pretty excellent study helps as well. You will never get a true understanding of what you are reading if you don’t have a good quality map to help you visualize. The maps in this Bible are beautifully done. This Bible has 8 maps total, ranging from “The World of the Patriarchs” to Jerusalem in both Old and New Testament times.

It has an incredible number of in-text Articles, Culture Notes and Charts, as well as in-text maps. It also has in-text Word Studies, which I really, really love. If you ever want to really open a verse, you need to take it back to the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic. The beginning of every single book has a wonderful, seriously detailed introduction. And Revelation (the last book of the Bible) is followed by Tools for Bible Study, Teachings and Illustrations of Christ, Prophecies of the Messiah Fulfilled and so much more. There is a pretty great Concordance, as well. The commentary notes and cross-references are fantastic, and I could not be more thrilled with this Bible.

Also? The New King James Version (NKJV) is absolutely brilliant. It’s more of a word-for-word translation, retains some of the poetry of the King James Version minus the somewhat archaic (though beautiful) Old English, and is very accurate. It’s perfect for the serious Bible student, while still being perfect for devotional time as well.

Bottom Line: This Bible is truly a treasure. I highly, highly recommend it.

**I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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