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Knight of Runes + Giveaway!

Knight of Runes
by Ruth A. Casie

Publication Date: May 21, 2020
Timeless Scribes Publishing LLC
Paperback & eBook: 368 pages

Genre: Time Travel Romance

England, 1605. When Lord Arik, a druid knight, finds Rebeka Tyler wandering his lands without protection, he swears to keep her safe. But Rebeka can take care of herself. When Arik sees her clash with a group of attackers using a strange fighting style, he’s intrigued.

Rebeka is no ordinary 17th-century woman – she’s travelled back from the year 2011, and she desperately wants to return to her own time. She poses as a scholar sent by the king to find out what’s killing Arik’s land. But as she works to decode the ancient runes that are the key to solving this mystery and sending her home, she finds herself drawn to the charismatic and powerful Arik.

As Arik and Rebeka fall in love, someone in Arik’s household schemes to keep them apart, and a dark druid with a grudge prepares his revenge. Soon Rebeka will have to decide whether to return to the future or trust Arik with the secret of her time travel and her heart.

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Friends. FRIENDS. Oh my gosh, listen to me. If you only pick up one book this upcoming summer, it needs to be Knight of Runes. Imagine Game of Thrones and Outlander having a love child, whose nanny was Jane Austen. Yes, I am serious. No, I am not kidding. It’s that good.

Ruth A. Casie takes her time in setting up her story. She opens the book with a prologue that gives you an immediate sense of who the characters are going to be, as well as giving you a glimpse into the adventure you’re about to go on. Then she opens the book with the present day, and begins to deliciously unfold events. So many time-travel novels spend a couple of pages setting up the backstory before plunging the character…and the reader…immediately into the past, where they then flounder and stumble through the next twenty some-odd chapters. (Character and reader, alike.) But Ms. Casie takes her time in setting up the backstory, introducing characters, and making sure that you truly get to know some of them before their adventure begins. Which was such a treat! And, by the end of Chapter One, the author has whispered of a mystery or two.

Once Rebeka was transported to Arik’s time, I was completely invested in this novel. I was especially anxious to see the two of them relate to one another, as the author describes her novels as “featuring strong women and the men who deserve them.” I hoped with all of my little book-nerd heart that this would prove to be the case. (Have you ever read a novel with a female lead who spends the majority of her time within the pages, huddled in a fetal position? Ugh, me too.) Rebeka had my heart from the beginning, and my admiration of her only grew as the plot progressed. She has some serious fortitude, not a little pluck and plenty of independence. Lord Arik is clearly the literary character that I’ve been waiting for my entire life. He is honorable and commanding and menacing, but has the biggest heart you’ve ever seen. And he’s a druid, no less! (I fell for him before Rebekah did. Don’t tell her that, though. She can kick my butt.) And for the proverbial icing-on-the-cake, Ruth A. Casie does the most delightful job at setting a scene. Authors such as Ms. Casie have the ability to render movies completely useless. Her obvious gift with words allow you to see the sights, hear the sounds and to feel the breezes, allowing the reader to truly sink into the story.

Bottom Line: Grab your traveling coat, and escape with me to 17th-century England for some adventure, romance and a little magic.

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About the Author

Hi – I’m Ruth A. Casie and I write historical and contemporary romance. You might be wondering what I’m about. Sit back and let me tell you.

I’m happiest when I’m telling stories either chatting in a group or writing them down. I love to put my hero and heroine in tough situations and dare them to work it out—together, always together. They haven’t disappointed. Oh, they complain but in the end their love and relationships are stronger than ever.

My stories feature strong women and the men who deserve them, endearing flaws and all. They will keep you turning the pages until the end. I hope my books become your favorite adventures.

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Knight of Runes

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