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Who Do You Say That I AM?

Do you know Jesus as He really is?

We can speak in abstracts all day long. We can ponder who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him. But he wants our confession. He wants to know, “Who do you say that I AM?”

How we answer defines our lives both now and forever. This 8-week study in the “I AM” statements of Jesus will help women move from knowing about Him to knowing Him personally. Guiding them through significant questions Jesus asks in the Gospels—and the answers He himself provides—it will help readers:

  • Realize the truth of who Jesus really is
  • Grow in their ability to trust God and rely on Him fully
  • Find the calm and peace promised in Scripture despite life circumstances

My Review:

Okay. I have mentioned many, many times before that I am not one for devotionals, or even day-to-day studies. Call it a lack of discipline or blame it on my independent nature (I like to study what I like to study, when I like to study it) but I couldn’t help myself with this one. First off, the cover is gorgeous. (Yes, I am one of those.) Secondly, I love Jesus’ I AM statements. They give me all of the happy chills. (Fun fact: Did you know that there isn’t a totally accurate way to translate “I AM That I AM?” The best we can come up with is I will be what I will be or I will be there howsoever I will be there. Isn’t that amazing?)

So many times, especially in difficult times, I have wondered where God is; WHO He is. How eternally grateful I am that He has answered these very question in His word. (Did you know that He gives us His autobiography in Exodus 34?) Becky Harling tackles these I AM statements…answering Jesus’ question of “Who do you say that I AM?” in such a beautiful, readable way. She breaks everything down in bite-sized sections, with verses, questions to ponder, context to each statement and applicable ways to relate them to our daily lives. She writes from one woman to another, one friend to another. It was such a cozy, comforting book to read and study through. It re-introduced me to Jesus, but also challenged what I thought I knew about Him. A lovely study, that I am so grateful to the author for writing.

**A big “thank you” to Moody Bible Institute for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this book!

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