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The Tory + Giveaway!

The Tory by T.J. London

Publication Date: April 11, 2018
Peperback & eBook; 517 Pages

Series: The Rebels and Redcoats Saga, Book #1
Genre: Historical Fiction

It is the winter of 1776, and Captain John Carlisle, one of His Majesty’s not-so-finest, has gone back to the scene of the crime to right a wrong so dark it left a permanent stain on what was once an illustrious career and left a man broken, defeated, in search of justice…

In an effort to win back his commission, he must discover the true nature of the relationship between the Six Nations of the Iroquois and the Colonial Army. Undercover as a war profiteer, John travels to the treacherous Mohawk River Valley and infiltrates local society, making friends with those he’s come to betray.

But a chance meeting with a beautiful half Oneida innkeeper, whose tragic history is integrally linked to his own, will provide him with the intelligence he needs to complete his mission—and devastate her people.

Now, as the flames of war threaten to consume the Mohawk Valley, John has the chance to not only serve King and country, but to clear his name. When the truth he uncovers ties his own secrets to those in the highest positions of the British military and threatens the very life of the woman he’s come to love, he will be forced to make a choice…

“The pages fly as you immerse yourself in this fantastic adventure.” – RT Book Reviews

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My Review: Y’all, I kid you not. I have literally been counting the days until I could tell you guys about this book because I am head-over-heels in love with it. And whenever I love a book (and end up with a girl-crush on the author), the first thing that I want to do is tell my fellow bookworms about it.

If you take a second to look up The Tory on Amazon or Goodreads, you’ll see right away that the novel has 5 stars across the board. So my excitement shouldn’t come as any surprise. But let me tell you why this novel has such rave reviews. For one, T.J. London’s characters, hands-down. They are unequivocally human. Not a one of them is “perfect.” They all have their baggage, their flaws, their fears, their hopes…and it’s glorious. A novel filled with beautifully broken people? Heck yes, count me IN.

Now, normally here is where I’d tell you what I thought of the historical research done on said novel. And, while the research done by the author is clearly impeccable, it’s her obvious passion for the time era that brought The Tory to life for me. This is one of my favorite time-periods, and the justice done was brilliant. T.J. London breathed breath into every scene, allowing this reader to experience the story as it unfolded. Which, by the way, brings up another point. The plot was just too fun to walk away from. I kid you not. It has every. single. thing. my history-loving heart needs, AND! the romance…which was awesome…was like a sub-plot. In other words, the plot didn’t need the romance to make this novel rad. The romance was like an awesome bonus to an already rad story.

Dear T.J. London,

Hi, it’s me. Your new super fan. Also, we might need to be BFF’s.


StacieScreen Shot 2018-03-11 at 4.16.13 PM

About the Author

T.J. London is a rebel, liberal, lover, fighter, diehard punk, and pharmacist-turned-author who loves history. As an author her goal is to fill in the gaps, writing stories about missing history, those little places that are so interesting yet sadly forgotten. Her favorite time periods to write in are first and foremost the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolution, the French and Indian War, the Russian Revolution and the Victorian Era. Her passions are traveling, writing, reading, barre, and sharing a glass of wine with her friends, while she collects experiences in this drama called life. She is a native of Metropolitan Detroit (but secretly dreams of being a Londoner) and resides there with her husband Fred and her beloved cat and writing partner Mickey.

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During the Blog Tour we will be giving away 3 sets of both books in Paperback, 3 sets of both books in eBook, and a $50 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, please see the Gleam form below.

Giveaway Rules

– Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on November 16th. You must be 18 or older to enter.
– Giveaway is open to readers in the US & Canada only.
– Only one entry per household.
– All giveaway entrants agree to be honest and not cheat the systems; any suspect of fraud is decided upon by blog/site owner and the sponsor, and entrants may be disqualified at our discretion.
– Winner has 48 hours to claim prize or new winner is chosen.

TJ London

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