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The Spirit-Filled Life Bible

Howdy Friends! So this review will be fairly short and to the point, as I have already previously reviewed this awesome Bible. (Seriously, it’s an amazing Study Bible.) But, because BookLook Bloggers is so good to their bloggers, they sent me two more versions of this lovely Bible.

The first one is a different colored Leathersoft cover than the two-tone one I currently had. It’s a beautiful tan, and is just as soft and floppy. (I’m sorry if “floppy” isn’t a professional description, but there is nothing like a Bible that feels as if it’s been loved on for years and years.) The cool thing about this particular Bible, is that unlike the first one I received, it is thumb-indexed. Same amazing features, same amazing feel, but with the added study help of indexing. Heck yes, bring it on.


The second cover they sent to me was the hardback version. Now, I’ve received hardback Bibles in the past to review, and they are what you’d expect; smaller than their leather counterparts, with a hardback-book feel to them and thin pages. (Not knocking hardback Bibles, as I have more than one that I love.) The Spirit-Filled Life Bible however, is jaw-droopingly gorgeous. And heavy. Like…there’s no way that I could put this sucker in my purse. The cover itself (under the dust cover, that is) is a beautiful dark navy blue, with a gold embossed dove on the top center. And the pages are the exact same quality as the Leathersoft versions. I was pleasantly surprised by this hardcover and highly, without hesitation, recommend it to those of you who prefer hardback. It’s quite literally stunning.


Let’s see what else 2018 brings to the Bible table, because as of right now, these Bibles beat all.

**Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for giving me the opportunity to read and review these Bibles! I was not required to give a positive review, all opinions are my own 

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