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Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Okay, confession time! I am not one to pick up “Mommy” books very often. There are a few reasons for this. One is, I’m already a full-time mama. So, selfishly, when I pick up a book to read, I usually want to read about something other than motherhood. Second, I belong to just about every “Boy-Mom,” “Girl-Mom,” “Praying-Mom,” “Keeping-Your-Sanity-While-Raising-Many-Offspring” websites, forums, study groups and Facebook pages. Learning how to be a better mom for my children is always my top priority. But when it comes down to curling up with a big mug of hot chocolate and a cozy book, I tend to reach for a fiction; a good story to escape into.

So when I received Don’t Forget to Say Thank You to review, I wasn’t sure what to think. I would read it, of course, but would I enjoy it?

Also, seriously. I would read it for the cover, alone.

So, after getting my Littles to bed (and reminding them to go back to bed 18 times) (no, really) I finally cuddled up in my bed and began reading my new book.

And didn’t stop reading until 1:30 in the morning.

This book isn’t a “how-to-mother” book. This book is a raw look on what it really means to raise little humans, from the wonderful to the heartache to the messy. But what kept me reading until way past my bedtime, was why the author wrote about real-life-mothering. She took our vocations as mothers and turned them into lessons from the Lord. For example: “It’s going to be okay.” How often as mothers, do we say this to our children? I say this to my 6-year old when she gets gum stuck in her hair. I say this to my 11-year old when she can’t figure out her math homework. I say this to my 15-year old when he’s nervous about trying out for the basketball team. But did I ever stop to think that my Father in Heaven says this to me? And would I ever have equated that with my prayer life?


What about, “Wait a minute.” Guys, I have 5 kids. Who always need something from me at the same flipping time. I say “wait a minute” every 2.5 minutes, every single day. But never did I think about God lovingly saying this to me, or how much closer it could draw me to Him if I would just learn to wait when He tells me to. Instead, I react exactly like my kids do; with frustration, a few eye-rolls, some moans and groans and a tantrum or two.

And what about my 6th baby? My son, who waits for me in Heaven? Did it ever once dawn on me that I could talk to him? Ask for his help? Ask for his prayers?

You better believe I talk to him, now.

She’s my BFF. She doesn’t know that, but it’s all good.

I marked this book up like you wouldn’t believe. I highlighted, dog-eared, paper-clipped and jotted notes everywhere. My poor book looks like it’s been through the washing machine a few times, with postie-notes sticking out of random pages at odd angles and (gasp) creasing on the front and back covers. I devoured this book. The words and lessons were a balm to this thirsty soul, and I just could not get enough. The author has a beautiful way of putting words to paper, of making her reader comfortable and being open and honest about her journey; of fleshing out our Savior, illustrating how very very loved we are. I loved every page, and sincerely hope that Lindsay Schlegel will continue to publish books.

And quickly.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.55.19 PM

**Thank you to Ave Maria Press for the chance to read and review this book! I was not obligated to give a positive review, all opinions are my own.

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