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Two Reviews in One

100 Days of Thanks

The last couple of weeks here in California have been considerably cooler than the norm. Instead of the sweltering, dry heat that is always so typical of summer here in the valley, the mornings have heralded the day with sweet breezes and clear blue skies; a welcome change for this girl, as it means that autumn is on it’s way. Autumn means oranges and yellows, big mugs of hot chocolate, soft fluffy blankets and big wooly socks. It sings of all things harvest. Harvest means Thanksgiving is near, and Thanksgiving always turns my heart to gratitude.


This year, I decided to look for something a little more tangible to help me journey towards gratitude, and was thrilled to find 100 Days of Thanks up for review. (Plus, it has lavender on the cover. And all throughout the book!! Lavender is my FAVE.) When I received the book, I was pleasantly surprised. The book itself is hardback, with gorgeous pictures throughout, wonderful devotions and sturdy paper for journaling. Unlike some (small…so, so small) journals that I have reviewed in the past, this book is a nice size. It could still fit into my purse if I was wanting to carry it with me, but is big enough that it feels good in the hand and has room for my bubble handwriting. Hands-down my favorite journal so far of 2018, and by far my favorite devotional.


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.55.19 PM

God Bless Our Bedtime Prayers

Now that my youngest girls are reading more, I decided that I wanted to start building their book library. One of the greatest gifts my parents gave to me was a love of books, and I want that same love for my children. (My eldest is most decidedly not a bookworm. So my poor girls are carrying all my hopes on this.) (Poor kids.) So, I decided to let them choose a book to review. They were so stinkin’ excited and sat together on my bed with their heads squished together, trying to figure out which book they wanted. After some debate, they compromised and decided on God Bless Our Bedtime Prayers.


While we read this book at all hours of the day, it was at bedtime that it got the most use. What a sweet, sweet book this is. The girls absolutely loved it, and I confess, so did their mama. The illustrations are so sweet (the cover is a good indication of the illustrations throughout.) The book is filled with animal families, with the youngsters of the family asking God for various things…to help with their grumpy feelings, to guide them to their lost teddy bear, to comfort them during a storm…etc. A verse is included with each little story, which my girls have enjoyed learning and memorizing. By the time we get to the last page, the girls are feeling peaceful and sleepy, and even my own anxieties have ebbed. I highly recommend this book for the sweet Littles in your life.

A big ‘thank you’ to BookLook for the chance to read and review these two books!

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