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My New War Notebook!

Hi, Friends! So, today is a review of a different sort. It’s not even a review, technically. It’s more like me falling in love with something and joyfully sharing it with you because YOU NEED TO GET ONE.

That’s right; I pulled out all caps.

In all seriousness, I can’t wait to tell you about a wonderful sister in the Lord, her Etsy shop, and War Notebooks.

I love prayer. Like, love love prayer. The problem is, getting my prayer life organized. I have hastily written prayer-request notes stuffed into my purse, written on postie-notes stuck on the inside of my Bible, scribbled quickly in a spiral notebook and typed up onto my phone memo pad. Which meant that when it came time to pray, I spent most of my time trying to gather all of my notes into one place and fretting that I had overlooked one or two or eight. Which resulted in distracted prayers and a discouraged Stacie. But then, I started to see the term “War Binder” everywhere. For those of you not familiar, the War Binder started as a result of the movie “War Room.” It’s basically a prayer closet in a binder, for those of us who don’t have room for a prayer closet at home OR who want a prayer closet that is portable. Well, I knew right away that this was the answer to my…well, prayers.

The problem is, I’m not crafty. Like, at all. I can’t even do a stick-figure justice. So I waited and waited, watching on Etsy for War Binders that were already put together and were within my budget. Cue the Etsy Shop called Brittanie’s Blessings. Pre-made War Binders. Except, what I fell in love with while looking through her shop, was the War Notebook. Think War Binder, but in a Traveler’s Notebook. Yes yes and yes. I found what I wanted, ordered it, and prepared to stalk the mailman. What I did not expect, was a message from Brittanie a short time later. A friendly chit-chatty note, asking what I was hoping she’d create for me, what my favorite colors were, my favorite verse and so on. I told her my favorite colors and my favorite verse, and then asked her to surprise me with the rest. And my goodness, did she ever. Soooo, here are some pics for you to enjoy of my new War Notebook. Please hop over to her shop and put in an order or twelve. You won’t find a better War Notebook anywhere (you can even specify the size, if you want yours bigger or smaller!) or a sweeter seller. PLUS, your prayer life will thank you.

Also, she sent me the cutest pen you’ve ever seen, complete with a feather on top, that my youngest daughter immediately swiped. *enter grumpy mommy face, here* AND, there’s a zipper pouch in the back that somehow didn’t get photographed!

I love this thing soooooo much!
I told her that my favorite color was blue; just opening it up makes me happy! And there’s even a place for my posties! Also, kitten foot.
My first insert, which is quickly filling up with my favorite Bible verses.
I adore the paper she chose for my inserts ❤
If you follow my Pinterest, you know that I have an entire board dedicated to lace home-decor. I let out a squeal that only dogs could hear when I saw these paper clips.
A folder for all of my stickers and prayer notes and anything else that I can fit in there! Wheeee! 
My favorite verse, that she included just for me. Cue the ugly cry. 
My ‘Pray’ insert!
My verse again, tucked away in the back for good measure ❤ 

Brittanie, I can’t thank you enough for blessing me beyond measure. Also, I want to buy out your whole shop. But I’m on a budget, so…one piece at a time. One piece at a time, I am going to buy out your entire shop. Teehee.

Have a blessed week, Friends!


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