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Come and Eat

This review is way overdue. Like…way. overdue. I always set a time limit for myself when I receive new books that have more of a vague “due date,” so to speak. But my timeline for this book came and went about twice over because a) I read it twice and b) I needed time to pour through it slowly.

Gathering my family to the table for dinner each night is not easy for me. We don’t all have the same schedule, and therefore do not always eat at the same time. And then, sometimes we are all doing our own thing; the kids are watching cartoons, the husband is working on his computer and I am at a pivotal chapter in whichever book my nose is buried in at the time…meaning, we get our plates and all go our separate ways. So I have to admit, I assumed that Come and Eat would be mostly about how to gather your family around the dinner table, with perhaps some chapters pertaining to motherhood, others to marriage. And while that was a part of Come and Eat, it was a very small part.


This book is a balm.  A rich, calming, beautiful medicine for the tired and weary soul. First, the author gifts us with transparency as she admits that the kitchen was not her favorite room in the house; that cooking was a necessity, but in no-way a joy. (I don’t like to cook. I love to bake! But not cook. So this endeared me to her, immediately.)

When she explained to the reader what she cooked for her husband when they were newly married, I wanted to high-five the page. (Ask my husband. I fed him hot dogs and mac n’ cheese for the first…I don’t know…YEAR of our marriage. Sometimes I fed him hardboiled eggs, just to keep things interesting.) But then the author began to discover how often the table is mentioned in the Bible. Not only the table, but meals in general. And not only meals, but how often Jesus instigated those meals, ate at those meals, prayed over those meals, shared those meals.

The table is much more than just a place to fill our tummies.


I think my spirit really stood up and took notice when she began to mention the different kinds of tables that we sit at throughout our lifetime; tables of joy when a new baby is born, tables of grief when we lose a loved one, tables of comfort when a friend is hurting.

Each chapter ends with a prayer, a question to ponder (or journal, if you’re a word-addict like myself) and a recipe. (Yes, RECIPES!) The appendix in the back of the book has all the recipes listed as well as grocery lists. Also? The author is hilarious. I laughed out-loud on more than one occasion, smiled my way through every page and even choked up a time or two. Also? I dog-eared the heck out of this book. I know, I know…only monsters dog-ear their books. But I didn’t want to take the time to mark each page in some creative way. I wanted to mark it for later and continue reading.

It’s just that good.

**A big ‘thank you’ to BookLook Bloggers for the opportunity to read and review this book!


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