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God’s Pursuit of Man

I always joke with my husband and children that I have an “In Case of House Fire” book pile.

When I was quite young, our pastor’s home burned down to the ground during the wee morning hours. My parents and I drove over as soon as we heard, and helped them sift through the ashes for personal items that were still salvageable. As I was helping one of their daughters scour through the rubble, she said, “I wish I’d had a small pile of treasures set aside that I could have easily grabbed.” Which got my young mind to thinking.

I remember laying in bed for a few nights after that, wondering what I should put in my small treasure pile. And while that pile has shifted and changed throughout the years, the one thing that is always a constant…and is usually the only item in my hypothetical pile…is my Bible. Now, however, my little treasure stack has grown to two.

My Bible and God’s Pursuit of Man by A.W. Tozer.


While I grew up hearing the name “Tozer,” I have never read any of his work. On a whim, I grabbed the Kindle version of The Pursuit of God and absolutely devoured it. Also, man pursuing God is something that I could easily wrap my head around. But God pursuing man? That was something I hadn’t studied much of. And so I dove into God’s Pursuit of Man with highlighters in hand. What I didn’t count on, was not being willing to stop my reading to use said highlighters. I couldn’t get enough! And when I’d finished, I knew right away that I needed to read it a second time; this time, slowing down to highlight certain passages.

The book is only about 140 pages long and is pretty easy to move through. However, the wisdom he shares is heavy and tightly-packed, worthy of slowing down to really comprehend what is written. There were times that I felt like the author handed me a box of Truth-bombs, then walked away grinning while I unpacked and wrestled with it. And I loved, loved, loved that he talked about the Holy Spirit in such depth.

Bottom Line: Some books are meant to be devoured. This book is meant to be consumed.

**A big ‘thank you’ to Moody Publishers for the opportunity to read and review this book! 


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