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Aimerday Kindle Case

As most of you know (because I seriously can’t shut-up about it), I recently added a Kindle Paperwhite to my life. (His name is Leif, and my life is now complete.) As soon as I knew I was going to be purchasing a Kindle…and using it every single day…I had my fingers crossed that I would be able to find an affordable case that would protect, look cute, and have the wake/sleep feature. What I discovered is that there are actually a few options out there that meet this criteria. So of course, I decided that I needed to try them all. And share with you, of course. (Duh.)

Aimerday was gracious enough to send me one of their cases to review here on the blog, which thrilled me to no end, considering that I already own one of their cases.

My current Aimerday case

I was thrilled when I received my floral Aimerday case. It’s extremely well-made and structurally very sound. My Kindle fits nice and snug, and the inside front cover is lined in a soft material, which means I don’t ever need to worry about it scratching Leif’s screen.

The newest Aimerday case ~ so pretty!!

One of my favorite features of Aimerday’s cases is that the designs were created with high precision printing, which means the designs are there to stay. The website claims that you can even scrub the cover with a damp cloth when cleaning, without worrying about your chosen design fading or looking worn. And, each case comes with a 1-year warranty. (hashtag win-win)

Look at the back! LOVE. 

All in all, I am so very pleased with the cases from Aimerday. (Not to mention, their customer service is outstanding.) The two cases that I have received from them are perfect for protecting my Kindle, all while looking beautiful doing so. I never have to worry about Leif when he’s in my purse (that sounds so funny), and I love knowing that when I’m not reading, he’s protected from dust. And the auto wake/sleep feature works perfectly!

Bottom Line: I am really looking forward to testing out cases from other companies to see how each stacks up, but Aimerday has set the bar for quality and design. I have my eye on a couple other companies with very popular cases, so I will review those too, as I am able.

Happy Reading!

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