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The Graham Saga, nos. 2-4


Not too long ago, I dug into a glorious book called A Rip in the Veil and quickly became obsessed. I not only finished it in record time, but fell crazy in love with the two main characters, Matthew and Alex. You can imagine my delight, I am sure (i.e. think little girl who’s been gifted with a magical flying rainbow fairy mermaid unicorn) when I found myself in possession of the next three books in the series. I kid you not when I say that I scheduled my days around these books, with a do-not-disturb-unless-bleeding rule.

I am pages away from finishing book number four, but I will share a quick overview of these books to entice you to go buy them. Like, today. Like, when you finish reading this post.

Heck, go buy them now and then come back when you’re done. I’ll wait.

Look at these covers, you guys!! GORGEOUS.

Like Chaff in the Wind follows Alex…now Alex Graham…as she travels across the sea to find her beloved Matthew, who has been betrayed by a vengeful family member of his. There is plenty of action, betrayal, emotions and triumphs. But once again, it is the character development that grabs me. I love the relationship that Alex and Matthew have, but I love them individually as well. Alex is my age (well, born the year after me, so close enough) and I adore her strength, her resilience and her resolve. I love too, that though she loves being a mother, she also knows that motherhood isn’t the only thing that defines her.


The Prodigal Son was brilliant and emotional. Returned once again to Scotland, the Graham family find themselves in the middle of religious turbulence under the reign of Charles II. Matthew feels honor-bound to stand up and get involved, despite Alex wishing that he would just stay put and stay quiet. There were times that I too, wished he would just stay home! But I adore both Matthew and Alex, and loved growing with them as they both faced hardships…and subsequent heartaches. I wish that I could tell you exactly what they faced together. Trust me…it’s a gut-puncher.


A Newfound Land finds the Graham family having left Scotland for a new beginning in Maryland. I was engrossed in this book. (As I was in all of them, thus far.) But Anna Belfrage is masterful at historical accuracy. She dives right into the various time periods, not skirting around the ugly nor glorifying only the beautiful. Instead, Matthew and Alex roll with the punches, adapting to their new home, the surrounding customs and the native people…all while facing old enemies. And through it all, their love endures.


I am just under a chapter away from finishing A Newfound Land, and am already daydreaming about the next books in the series. This has swiftly become one of my favorite book series; between the characters, the writing and the amazing author, it is a series that will engrain itself on your book-loving heart.


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