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A Rip in the Veil

More often than not, I enjoy the books that I have the privilege of reviewing. On occasion, a book falls into my hands that hits me soul-deep. But sometimes? Sometimes I land on a gold mine, and the author hits me soul-deep, too. Which is exactly the case with Anna Belfrage.

I first discovered Ms. Belfrage when I was given the opportunity to review her book, Under the Approaching Dark. I fell in love with it, and contacted Anna Belfrage to tell her so. Her response was to send me an autographed book (the first book in “The King’s Greatest Enemy” series) which made. my. whole. year.

But then? Then she offered to send me the first book in “The Graham Saga series,” A Rip in the Veil. (Now 2018 is made!) And? This one was signed, too. (I literally sat down on the floor when the book arrived, ripped open the packaging and flipped to the Title Page to see if by chance she’d signed it. Kid on Christmas morning, Folks. Kid on Christmas morning.)

SO, let me tell you about A Rip in the Veil.


Being a lover of history and historical fiction, I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that I love time-travel books. Alexandra “Alex” Lind, while on her way to work one morning, finds herself inexplicably thrown back to 1658 (from the year 2002), where she meets Matthew Graham. (Dear Anna, I am already in love with Adam de Guirande. Now I am also in love with Matthew. Whatever shall I do? Love, Stacie.)

One of the reasons that I am so crazy about Anna Belfrage’s writing, is that her characters are so stinkin’ human and incredibly relatable. It is so easy to jump right into the shoes of the characters and experience their stories with them. I absolutely adore Alex. Her attitude, her spunk, her tendency towards uttering expletives when she’s riled up…she is my fictional BFF. Matthew is impossible not to love, as he is so wonderfully authentic and flawed. (The fact that he’s a scruffy, handsome Scotsman has no bearing on my opinion, of course. Ahem.)


The best part of the book is how Alex and Matthew are together. I had so much fun watching their relationship progress. Plus Ms. Belfrage is so very good at landing her reader right smack in the middle of the sights and sounds. I couldn’t seem to read the book fast enough, in my haste to find out what was happening next. And when I had to step away from the book (because mom life), I found myself wondering what the characters were up to, and how their current situation was going to resolve. Can I just tell you how thrilled I am that this is a series?? I would be curled up in a fetal position in the corner of my bedroom if I had to say goodbye to these characters, already.

Bottom Line: You can keep Jamie and Claire. I’ve got Matthew and Alex.

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