Instagram Peace with PLANN

Friends, I have found the lost city of Atlantis.

I really enjoy Instagram. I love when you find a feed that is cheerful and intentional. Have you seen those? They flow, they’re bright and colorful, and each picture is posted with the overall grid in mind. I have wanted a feed like this for ages, but let’s be honest, shall we? Life is crazy busy. I don’t even get to go to the bathroom by myself (because five kids) let alone devote a ton of time to my Instagram feed. I was lamenting this very topic with my dear friend Shelby over coffee one day when she said, “You know there are apps for that, right?”

Wait, what?! (She’s so much hipper than I am. Thank goodness. Also, she has one of the above mentioned intentional IG feeds.)

Shelby turned me on to an app called “Later.” Which I used for a time, but it ended up frustrating me in the long run. Then I discovered an app called “Planoly.” Also a great app, but I unfortunately grew frustrated with it as well. Then? Then I discovered an app called “PLANN.” Boom.


Plan Instagram feed

First, it is a beautifully stunning app. If an app is visually appealing, I am much more prone to use it. I don’t know if it’s the photographer in me or the 6th-grader in me, but it just has to be pretty. PLANN, aesthetically, is clean, simple and uncluttered. It’s easy to upload your media to the app, it’s user-friendly and here’s the best part…your media is lined up in a grid and you can rearrange them. Allow me to explain.

All you have to do is press and hold a picture, then drag and drop it to wherever you’d like. You can literally customize, plan and view what your Instagram feed will look like before you ever post a thing. (Also, the pictures that you post save to your grid in PLANN. So you literally have your Instagram feed at your fingertips.) Rearrange your uploaded media to your heart’s content, until it’s just the way you like. (I enjoy this particular step tons and bunches and lots.)

Schedule Instagram Posts with Plann

Now that you have your grid laid out the way you want, it’s time to create captions. (If you wish! This is an optional step.) If I have a minute, I like to start selecting pictures and writing my captions out ahead of time because PLANN saves them! So I spend a few minutes to write my witty captions (because who likes a dullard on Instagram?) so that they are done and ready for the day of posting. When that is complete, I pick the date and the time that I want to post the picture and Ta-Da! Easy.

Instagram visual planner

Now, I admit, hashtags are my least favorite part of Social Media. Researching the top hashtags, trying to remember them, and using the ones that apply to each particular post drives. me. nuts. But PLANN has this brilliant feature that allows me to save sets of hashtags in the app. I can name each set (I currently have a set for Sseko Designs and another for my Book Reviews) and PLANN saves them. After I post to Instagram, I go back to PLANN, copy whichever set I wish to use (literally, you just select “copy”) and then paste it under my post!

So, on your scheduled day/time, your phone will notify you. Click the notification and it will take you straight to your scheduled picture in the PLANN app. At the bottom, select “Copy Caption.” Then select the Instagram icon directly next to it. It will take you to Instagram, you crop and edit your picture per the usual, then paste your caption and your hashtags and you’re done. PLANN does the work for you, and you get the intentional grid you’ve always wanted. Prepare to impress the world with your feed. (Kinda like when everyone compliments you on your UH-mazing lasagna, not knowing that it was a frozen Stouffer’s.)

Welcome to Instagram Peace.

**Check out the PLANN site here and download it on Google Play or the App Store. Also? The plans range from $0/month to $9/month. Seriously affordable! Get PLANNing! 



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