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Dark Heart

I have mentioned to you before how much I love Historical Fictions set in Ancient Rome. (Like this one!!) I have also mentioned how unbelievably picky I am about said books, and here’s why: I have found, more often than not, that the book will have a modern storyline set in an ancient time, with no real effort given to historical accuracy. Which drives me nuts. 

Dark Heart by Elizabeth Ellen Carter, however, was a pleasant surprise.


From the very beginning, the characters pulled me in. They are so raw and authentically human and complex. I greatly enjoyed the dynamic between the two main characters, as well as how they interacted with the world around them. Their relationship with and towards one another was richly developed and impeccably written. And while there were some parts of the book that were slightly upsetting, they only further added to the storyline and value of the novel. (Ever see “The Tudors?” There were many parts of that show that were so very hard to watch, but added depth…and historical accuracy…to the show.)

From the characters, to the historical precision and rich setting, to the refined flow of the book and the intricate weaving of the storyline’s plots, I was captivated. (Also, the main female character is a redhead. This book couldn’t possibly fail!)


Bottom Line: An incredible book that gives you every opportunity to escape from the world and immerse yourself into a fascinating period of history with unforgettable characters. Buy it, Friends!

**Thanks to Aurora Publicity and Elizabeth Ellen Carter for the opportunity to read and review this book!



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