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Devotions from the Kitchen Table

You know, for someone who swore she would never review devotionals, I sure seem to be doing a whole lot of that lately. And I’m loving it. There are so many beautiful devotionals out there! Devotions from the Kitchen Table being one of them.

From the back cover: “A simple meal shared around a table. A fresh cup of coffee and God’s Word in the quiet hours of the morning. The joy of laughing with friends and family. Devotions from the Kitchen Table invites you to slow down and appreciate the gifts that are right in front of you. These ninety devotions will inspire you to sit in God’s presence, nourish your soul, and cherish the people who grace your kitchen table. Take a seat at the table and reflect on the extraordinary blessings that are wrapped up in the most ordinary moments at home.”


I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about this book. For one, you see that beautiful cover? The photography is just as beautiful and plentiful on the inside. Which will definitely help this wayward child pick the book up on a regular basis. The devotions themselves are lengthier than most (3 paragraphs on average), which I surprisingly like. The book is fairly weighty, but smaller than The Beautiful Word Devotional. My only wish is that there were recipes interspersed throughout. (#kindabummed) And apparently, she has more than one devotional out there, and they are all. literally. breathtaking.

Also, one thing this devotional has that I really love is a bookmark! And it’s the prettiest blush color. Sorry, guys. The visual aspect of these devotionals is kind of a big deal to this girl. And this is one pretty devotional.

Bottom Line: A beautiful book, with superb photography and warm and cozy devotions.

**A big thank you to BookLook Bloggers for the opportunity to read and review this book

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