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Shine Like the Dawn

When I first started reviewing books, I stuck with genres that I was comfortable with. (i.e. Historical Fiction. Also, Historical Fiction.) But when I first discovered A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky, I couldn’t help but give it a try. Granted, it was an Historical Fiction, but a completely different era than I am used to gravitating towards. (We history nerds do have our favorite little corners of history, after all.) And to my surprise, I loved that book! Carrie Turansky opened my eyes to other time periods that I didn’t realize I would enjoy getting lost in. So when I saw Shine Like the Dawn up for review, I was so excited!


I am such a sucker for a pretty cover. (I totally judge books by their cover. Like, actual books. Not people.) Anyway, while I most definitely enjoyed A Refuge at Highland Hall by Ms. Turansky, I really really enjoyed Shine Like the Dawn!

This author is so very good at expressing her own, unique voice in her writing, which is why I will always remember her name and her books. She has such a delightful way of pulling you into the very setting of her stories. It was so easy for me to picture the landscapes, the outfits, the characters; down to their facial expressions, even.

The story revolves around Margaret and Nathaniel. Maggie was a very relatable character for me, who I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. I wanted to shake her by the shoulders for her stubbornness at times, but really enjoyed following her story. (I may have enjoyed her because of her stubbornness, truth be told. I adore complex characters.) Nate fascinated me as well, as he tried his best to navigate through life and find his place in the world.


What surprised me the most about this book, was that it wasn’t “just” an Edwardian Romance. While there was definitely romance, it added to the story as opposed to overwhelming it. However, there was also a fair dose of mystery, suspense, some heartache, some humor…it was very simply a superior book that kept me interested from start to finish. I am most definitely a forever-fan!

Bottom Line: You know those moments in the evening, when all is quiet and you want something to read? It’s this book. Your brain is telling you to get this book. Listen to your brain.

**Thank you Blogging for Books, for the opportunity to read and review this book


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