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The Beautiful Word Devotional

Okay, I know that I keep saying that devotionals are not my fave. But, this is “The Beautiful Word Devotional,” Friends. Seriously, there is literally no way that I could turn it down. It is not within my power. I simply cannot.

See, I love Journaling Bibles. (No surprise, considering my journal addiction. Also my Bible addiction. #noreally) I also really love to color. And I have zero artistic talent. Literally, zero. No seriously, stop laughing. I’m totally serious. I can’t even draw a proper stick figure. Thus, my love of all “Beautiful Word” products. They take the love of Bible Journaling, Hand-Lettering and coloring and make it so people who can’t even draw a straight line (ahem, me) can create something beautiful while spending quality time with the Lord. So you see, I had to give this devotional a shot.


So, first impressions: I love how this book feels in the hand. It feels very similar to a Journaling Bible in weight and thickness, which I was pleasantly surprised by. (I love beefy books.) As you can see, it’s very beautiful on the cover, and the inside is just as lovely. There are 365 daily, dated devotions. The devotion on the left page is an illustrated Bible verse, and the devotion on the right page has a lined area for you to jot down your thoughts, prayers, etc. The beauty alone, as well as the space to write and the weight of the book (because beefy) is almost guaranteed to keep me checking it out on a daily basis. (Which we all know Stacie lacks the discipline to do with most devotionals.)

With that said, I was a little bummed about a couple of things: First, there’s not actually any place to color. I just assumed that it would have pages with verses/encouraging words that I could color while mulling over the day’s devotion. Also, the pages are glossy. Which makes for a lovely look! But I prefer to journal in pencil, which is pretty tough on glossy paper. So now I’m forced to use a pen, and I’m worried about smears.

Bottom Line: All in all, I’m pretty excited about this devotional and hope to use it on a regular basis. I do wish that it had the above mentioned details, but either way, it’s a beautiful book.

**Thank you to BookLook Bloggers, for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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