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Nothing to Prove

I have a small list of my favorite, go-to Bible teachers. I have studied these women, studied their teachings, studied their theologies; Lisa HarperBeth MooreChristine Caine, and now Jennie Allen.

I first discovered Jennie Allen when I was looking for an online women’s Bible study group. There are a few out there that are really good, but I was looking for a little more “meat and potatoes,” if you will. I stumbled across a site called IF:Equip and loved it instantly. The lessons definitely hit “below the surface,” and are laid out in such a way that you have no choice but to study for yourself and learn. I could write a whole blog post on IF:Equip. But this is about the woman behind IF:Equip, and that is Jennie Allen.

Like my other Bible teacher faves, I began to study Jennie’s theology. I found it to not only be solid, but raw. Have you ever met someone like that? Someone who doesn’t offer you fake smiles, casual words (Friends, please stop telling people, “I’ll pray for you! Take care!” Sorry, I digress…) empty phrases and so on? I have too. I have been that person. Jennie Allen, on the other hand, is open with her struggles, her triumphs, her walk with Christ. Yes please, sign me up.


I own one of Jennie Allen’s books. I didn’t even realize it, until after discovering her website. I haven’t read it yet. It’s called Restless and has rave reviews. When I saw her new book, Nothing to Prove up for grabs, I requested it immediately. Then finished it in 3 days, flat. Which is a feat for this full-time mom.

Guys? This is now my favorite non-fiction book of all time.

I am willing to bet that most of you are going to relate to this: feeling frazzled. Tired of striving. Constantly feeling like you need to prove yourself or measure up to the ideal…(fill in the blank). Drowning from the weight of whatever load you’re carrying. Being afraid that you’re not enough.

What if you didn’t need to do any of that? To feel any of those things? What if you had a friend come along, look you square in the face, tell you about her own struggles, and then tell you to lay your struggles down? Forever? Permanently?

That’s what Jennie does in this book.


Bottom Line: You need this book. You really, really need this book. Get it, read it, treasure it, do what it says. Then sign up for IF:Equip!

**Thank you, Blogging for Books, for the opportunity to read and review this book

3 thoughts on “Nothing to Prove

  1. I’ve heard of her work with IF but never read her books before. I like you really like Lisa and Beth. Priscilla is high on my list too. Thanks for the beautiful review and recommendation. I’ll be adding this one to my wishlist.


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