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American Woman’s Bible

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time at all, you know how much I LOVE reviewing Bibles. There is nothing more that I love doing in this life, than studying my Bible. (Although I am human and sometimes struggle in this area, especially when there’s a good book nearby. Just keeping it real, Folks.)

With that said, whenever I am choosing a book to review, the first thing I look for are new Bibles to review. So I jumped at the chance to review the American Woman’s Bible in the NKJV.


First impressions: At first, I didn’t care for the cover. I don’t really want my Bibles to look books. Do you know what I mean? I like for my Bibles to look like Bibles; living, active, God-breathed and revered. So I was somewhat bummed when I removed the dust jacket to see that the Bible itself is printed with the same cover as the jacket. Now, it has since grown on me a little. But I do still kind of wish that it was a somewhat blank cover. However, this is a trivial thing. Let’s move on to the inside.

love am obsessed with the inside. First of all, the page quality is excellent. It seems like Bibles for review sometimes have poor quality pages. And while these are on the thin side, as most Bibles are, they’re still thick enough to not be fragile and feel good to the hand.

The Bible starts with a Foreword by the President and CEO of Concerned Women for America, Penny Nance. She talks about why this particular Bible was brought into being, and got me pretty fired up (in a good way.) Next is the Introduction, which is finally what sold me. My concern when digging into this Bible, was that the women that were highlighted would become the Scripture, and would detract from the Bible as a whole. I’m really picky about that, so was a little hesitant. But then I read this in the introduction:

As  a reader of this Bible please do not assume that because the stories of these women are placed alongside the biblical text that these women should be viewed as anything other than what and who they are.”

Hallelujah. Ever pick up a Study Bible, only to find that the commentaries included in the Bible are being worshipped, not the actual words of the Bible? Not so with the American Woman’s Bible. The women are discussed, expounded upon and taught about. But they are also fallible human beings, and this Bible was really good to point that out.

Seriously guys, I think this Bible is pretty great and I am so happy to have it here to study with alongside my main Bible.

Bottom Line: With Biographies on women such as Louisa May Alcott, Elisabeth Elliot, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and Laura Ingalls Wilder, how can you resist?? Girls Rule!

**I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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