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Hope Unfolding

This year, I have really been focusing on Stacie. Not Stacie’s outside circumstances. But Stacie’s internal, spiritual health. This journey has led me to some really amazing books that have pushed me, challenged me, healed me, inspired me and taught me. (Such as this one and this one.)

But, in my effort to really focus on myself, I have neglected one really big area of my life: motherhood.

I am a mother of six children; one waits for me in Heaven, five are here with me on God’s green earth. I love being a mother. But anyone who tells you that being a mother is nothing but joy is lying to you. Motherhood is tough, and stressful, and worry-filled, and messy, and loud and guilt-ridden. I have been peed on, pooped on and puked on. My hair has been yanked, my necklaces have been broken and my glasses have been jammed into my face by flying, chubby little fists. My personal space is invaded on a daily hourly basis. I clean up messes all day long that I myself did not make. And truly, please stop telling me to enjoy these days because one day they’ll be grown and gone and so forth. I understand that. I really, really do. But right now, all I want is one whole afternoon to myself in a completely clean and quiet house so that I can read, study my Bible, eat the food on my own plate and go to the bathroom with the door open.

So, when I took a good and long look at myself a couple of weeks back, I realized that I could use some grace in my role as mommy. Which is why I picked up a copy of Hope Unfolding by Becky Thompson.


First off, the cover. So pretty, right?! Seriously, it’s beautiful. Secondly, the tagline. “Grace-Filled Truth for the Momma’s Heart.” Give me a big ole’ cup of that, because the Lord knows that I am running on empty.

This book was such a gift to me. I have really been hitting the jackpot lately on down-to-earth, real authors. I felt as though I was sitting at a coffee shop with the author, listening to her share her stories. Have you ever had one-on-one time with your bestie, that just really filled your soul with peace? Chances are, your friend opened up about some things she was struggling with and got real. The result was that you yourself felt as though you now had permission to let the walls down, and lay your heart on the table as well.  Right? That is how this book was for me. To hear that I am not the only one who struggles with being a mommy sometimes, to know that I am not the only one who is convinced that I am royally screwing these human beings up…to know that I am actually doing a good job, and that I am allowed to extend myself grace? Worth every minute spent reading.


Bottom Line: You’re doing really great at this motherhood thing. Don’t believe me? Read the book. You’ll see. Also? It’s funny. Like, laugh-out-loud funny.

**I received this book from Blogging for Books, in exchange for an honest review.


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