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Wild and Free

Wow, Friends. This book. I have deliberately put off writing this review for a few different reasons.

  • For one, I wasn’t ready to move beyond what I had just read, yet. Does that make sense? Usually after writing my reviews, I shelf the book. I’m not a re-read type of person. Not only was I not ready to shelf this book, but I can honestly tell you that I will not be shelving this book.
  • Secondly, I truly needed time to mull everything over. I go through waves, where all I want are faith-filled, self-help type of books. And while I really enjoy them, and take inspiration from them, they do not always have lasting effects on me. But this book; this book. This book is a heavy hitter.
  • Thirdly (but definitely not lastly), I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the authors. Never have authors affected me like this. I have authors that I really, really love. Authors whose book releases I practically stalk. But Jess and Hayley felt like friends. Friends who had dropped all of the filters, weren’t afraid to be real, and laid a healthy dose of Truth on the proverbial table.

But the main reason that I put this review off for a bit, is because I really needed to make sure that I was going to do it justice. And trust me, I won’t even come close. But this book opened up parts of me that I had long hid away.


In my post about shame, I talk about how all of us feel shame, at some level. And I do think that we all need to deal with the shame we carry, in order to move on and step into the freedom that Christ paid such a heavy price for. But I’m willing to bet on this as well: at some point in your life (or maybe at multiple times) you have been told that you are either not enough or too much. That means that you have then switched things up and tried to be more or tried to be less. Do you know what this means? You are hiding. No really. Don’t argue with me. You are not the wild, free, authentic you that your soul is longing to be.

Enter: this book.

As an added bonus, the authors each talk to you. Individually they write to you, so that as you read, you begin to get to know them, so to speak. Which I loved! I wanted to hug Hayley and go have coffee with Jess. I wanted to Tweet them, Instagram them, Facebook them (smoke signal? paper airplane? message in a bottle?) to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeing me.”

Also, Jess? Can we be friends in real life, please? Thanks.

Hayley Morgan 
Jess Connolly 

Bottom Line: Don’t waste one more second. Be wild. Be free.

Read more about Jess here.

Read more about Hayley here.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.


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