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I have been so, so, so excited to write this review. You all know that I love books, and I get pretty excited about some books over others. But this book…you guys. I have been itching to share it with you. If you never run out and buy another book based on my reviews, at least buy this one. Pick one up for you, your bestie, your sister, your cousin, your neighbor, your favorite grocery clerk, your hair dresser, your dog groomer, your manicurist, your landlord and maybe even one for your least favorite human. Right now. Run and go pick those up. That’s…eleven books. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


Back? Rad. Okay, let’s dive in.

We all carry shame. No, really. All of us. Some more than others, I grant you that. Some may not even realize that shame has rooted itself in their lives. But it’s there. And it’s satan’s favorite weapon against us. It keeps us in bondage, it keeps us hiding, it keeps us doubting ourselves, it keeps us feeling less than.

In the book, Christine gets down and honest with her pain and struggles. With the heartaches that she has faced, and where shame began in her life. I was so thankful to her for being so open. I do not like to feel anything negative or uncomfortable. I just don’t. I will stuff it down, turn my back on it, run away from it. But I knew that God wanted me to read this book and face some things that I have been running from, head-on. The author’s willingness to share her own story immediately helped me to drop my guard and allow her words to sink in.


It would take me pages and pages, to share with you where all of my shame has come from. There is a divorce in my past. There is unwed pregnancy in my past. There is rejection, disappointed people, cruel words and poor decisions in my past. And all of these things added shame upon shame upon shame. And this shame has literally shaped who Stacie is now, at the age of 37. It affects my mothering, my marriage, my walk with God, my own happiness. I try to hide myself, to diminish my gifts or any attention that could be drawn to me. I play down my abilities, so that no one will expect anything great from me and therefore end up with expectations…which could lead to disappointments or more rejection. And the sad thing is, while I knew that I was carrying shame and some damage from these past experiences, I had absolutely no idea the depth of what I was carrying, until I read Christine Caine’s book.

But here’s the thing, you guys. This is so good! My husband is a veteran of the United States Army. He had a drill sergeant who taught him that, “pain is just weakness leaving the body.” And you know what? This is true about your spiritual life, too. Not that there is any “weakness,” per say. But think of it this way. The discomfort that you may need to experience to truly find God’s freedom? That discomfort will strip away all of the ammo that satan can use against you. Everything that he needs to make you feel ashamed, to make you hide, to make you run away, to make you diminish yourself…it will be gone.

I urge you to read this book, to truly step into the amazing freedom that Jesus paid such a heavy price for you to have. It’s already yours! You were never created to live with shame. You were created to live in freedom. In abundance. In peace. You were created to thrive.

Bottom Line: Pick up the book. Drop the shame. Embrace the freedom.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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