The Flower Workshop

Oh my GOSH, Peeps. I have literally been mulling over this book review for days. Days, I tell you! Because this book is so incredibly beautiful. If I could, my entire review would look something like this:

“Ohmysqueal, it’s GORGEOUS! The end.”

But obviously, you might want a little more info than that. So, here goes!


With the warmer weather here in California these days, my thoughts are continually entertaining all things Spring. I want the windows open, the birds singing, the garden growing and fresh flowers in every room of my house. But here’s the kicker: I lack talent for making flower arrangements. And when I say that I lack talent, what I’m actually saying is that I totally suck at it. You know the pretty flowers in the coolers at the supermarket? I take those home, cut off the clear wrapper and drop them as-is in a vase. Because if I move one flower, the whole thing is going to implode and end up looking like I threw the arrangement together blindfolded, dizzy and possibly asleep.

Ariella Chezar is a floral designer. Her skills have been on the covers and pages of Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, O Magazine and Town and Country, just to name a few. If anyone can teach me, it’s her!

So the book is divided into some pretty cool sections. Which I honestly didn’t notice at first, because I got lost in the gorgeous pictures. (And there are many, many pictures. Thank you, Erin Kunkel!) The way that Ariella Chezar writes is brilliant. She makes everything easy to understand, while at the same time, showing how much she loves all things floral.

She breaks things down in a pretty rad way. “Living with Flowers,” “Tonal Arrangements,” “Favorite Flowers” and “Fruits and Berries” are just a few of my favorite chapters. The part that I adore the most, however, is her seasonal chapter! She has an entire section entitled, “Seasonal Flower Guide.” So I can just flip to Spring, see what flowers are readily available for the season and what awesomely gorgeous things I can do with them. (There’s a Winter section, Folks. Fresh flowers in Winter? Yes, please!)

Bottom Line: Get it. Drool. Daydream. Create. Repeat.

**I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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