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Adventuring Through the Bible

My dad was passionate about the Bible. He was a Respiratory Therapist, worked two full-time hospital jobs, saved countless lives (including numerous babies in the NICU) and would come home weary, emotionally drained and battered. But he always made time to study God’s Word. He would spread his study materials out over our coffee table, grab his Bible (sometimes more than one version) and get lost for hours. I would sit near him as often as possible during these times, in the hopes that he would share with me what he was learning. It was during one of these times that he told me, “Always study the history of the book that you are working through. Old Testament, New Testament, doesn’t matter. Find out who the author was writing to, what his purpose was for writing, and what life was like during the date that the book was written.” He is definitely the reason that I search for really good study materials to enhance my Bible time.

Which is why I was really hoping to be able to check out, Adventuring Through the Bible by Ray C. Stedman.


The book, first of all, is packed full of information. I am seriously in love with this thing. It begins with a section entitled, “The Goal of God’s Word,” which immediately lights a fire in you to learn more about the Scriptures. The author talks about the richness of both the Old Testament and the New, and gives you an idea into why digging deeper into the Bible is so important. But for me, the test of any Bible guide or commentary, is how it handles the book of Leviticus.

Leviticus is quite possibly my favorite book in the entire Bible. (I can hear you groaning, people.) Seriously, the book is amazing. However, because it is so full of Biblical legal code, it tends to get overlooked and passed over quickly by most Bible guides. Which is why I use Leviticus as a test. I wanted to hug Ray C. Stedman for how he handled it. He begins by explaining why one needs to understand Leviticus. He states what the goal of Leviticus is. (Read Leviticus 20:26 to find out.) He outlines the structure of Leviticus, and then…quite possibly my favorite part…details how to approach Leviticus.

He then breaks it down further into two parts, and spends time discussing the key theme of Leviticus. I have watched lectures and classes on this amazing book in the Bible, and yet Ray C. Stedman was not only able to teach me things that I had never seen before about Leviticus, but gave me an even deeper understanding to the history and purpose of this great book of the Old Testament.

Adventuring Through the Bible is actually an updated version of an earlier edition. While I have not read the earlier edition, it is my understanding that this new version has some new features, which include:

*New Bible Reading Plans
*New Timelines
*New Topical Lists
*New Discussion Guides
*Personal Application Questions
*New Maps and Images

I would highly recommend this book to any Bible student. (And if you study your Bible, Friend, you are a Bible student.)

Bottom Line: Get it. Use it. Grow with it.

**Thank you to NetGalley and Discovery House Publishers for the honor and opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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