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One Little Word, 2016 Edition

The year of 2015 was the first time that I had ever heard the concept of the “One Little Word.”  A dear friend of mine introduced me to the idea, and I loved it immediately.  One word, as a goal for the whole year, in each circumstance…for me, it resonated much more than endless, pointless New Year’s Resolutions.  So, for 2015, I chose the word Fearless.

And the year presented me with many painful, hard circumstances in which to apply my not-so-little word.  While I didn’t always face the year’s challenges head-on without fear, I did learn to run to God immediately when fearful things arose.  As well as turning to Him in gratitude when the fearful things went away.

As 2016 approached, I began happily wondering what my new word would be.

And I wondered.

And I wondered some more.

And I kept wondering.

Nothing was coming to mind.  Now granted, I wasn’t really asking God to show me…I just kind of figured He would show me whenever He felt like it.  (Like, seriously Stacie? You finally learned to talk to Him in life’s situations, but not to talk to Him about everything else? Maybe my word for 2017 should be Thick-Headed.)

And that is when it hit me.


My One Little Word for 2016 would be Prayer. Because I never talk to my King. Oh sure, I have a running list of prayer requests from friends and family, that I pray over daily and enjoy doing so.  But for me and my life?  Nope, I never ask.  Dream big things for me?  Nope, too risky.  Approach God with really…and I mean REALLY…big prayer requests?  Nope, human-sized requests only.

At some point, I made God explainable.  I stopped believing in God-sized prayer.  I stopped living as though I believed that the God of the Old Testament’s power and might and promises applied to me.  Which is something, folks, because I think prayer is awesome.  As in, I am actually in literal awe over prayer.

Now that I have begun to focus on prayer, I find myself talking to God constantly.  I love it.  I truly can’t wait to watch God grow my prayer life, to see how He moves in my life this year and to blog my journey as I go along.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be asking daily for huge, massive, unexplainable, unfathomable God-sized dreams and excitedly watching for Him to move the mountains.

People, listen to me.  Talk to Jesus.  Every day.  All the time.


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