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Erin Condren Unboxing!

It’s here. It’s totally here. Like, what the actual heck, it’s literally here. *Enter annoying squeal, now* Have a seat and unbox with me!

Just FYI, I also purchased some stickers from Erin Condren’s website, as well as from a couple of different Etsy shops. I will share those with you in a separate sticker haul post, in the near future. I also ordered the Budget Planner and the Wellness Journal, which I will also cover in another post.


First, I was dying to know which box color I would receive. Would it be blue? Pink? Purple? I’ve decided that I may have issues. But guys, seriously. Boxes aren’t usually this pretty!


You know, just your every-day adrenaline rush over the beautiful packaging of your brand new brain-in-a-box.


In my previous post here, I mentioned that I have been saving for this planner for two years. My Erin Condren Fund also included all of the “extras.” I never get to spoil myself this way, so seeing my box so full of lovelies equaled a very happy Stacie.


I purchased two of the pen holders. Just to have one in back-up. I read from all of your blogs to attach it to the pocket folder in the back, as opposed to my back cover. Which I immediately did.


I was so excited to try these! If there is something that you want to have in your planner…a Bible verse, a reminder, a picture…you just peel off the adhesive and stick whatever you’d like on there. You can then move it about your planner, as the CoilClip just pops onto the coils. Genius.


Knowing how full I will be packing this poor planner, I figured the straps were going to be a necessity.


Friends, I have an unhealthy love of stickie notes and page flags. I admit it. Therefore, these being in my box should not surprise you in the least.


I love lists! I need lists. I function better with lists. Therefore, these. I did not realize though, that they are like a little mini-white board. Not complaining! But I’m afraid to write on them. So I need to check and see how all of you are using yours.


The main event! Isn’t she rad? I went ahead and ordered a custom cover for myself (a code for a free personalized cover was included in my box, although I did have to pay shipping) as the “Ready to Ship” covers are not personalized. I will share that with you when it arrives. However, I am really loving this cover!

I am going to dig right in and start using my planner daily, and will write a review in another post. I also intend to share layouts with you, how I am decorating my weekly pages and other posts along those lines.

Until then, happy planning, Friends!

Want an Erin Condren planner of your very own? Enjoy $10 off of your purchase! Click this link: https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/stacietyson1205


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