Erin Condren

Erin Condren Planners

I am pretty happy ridiculously excited about a purchase that I am making tomorrow. For two years, I have obsessed over Erin Condren planners.  I have read blog posts about how all of you lovely folks are using your planners, how you are decorating them and which covers and accessories you are ordering.  I have watched YouTube video after YouTube video.  (Half of the videos put out by “Pretty Neat Living” are viewed by me. Repetitively.) And OH how I have wanted one.  I am an organizing addict and a lover of all things planning, but with our budget, I couldn’t justify the cost.  (The costs of the planners are reasonable! But financially, it just wasn’t doable for us at the time.)

So, I decided to begin saving for a planner of my own some months back.  Now, I am not someone that enjoys waiting.  I am not a patient person, and I like things to be done/handed over/delivered to me immediately.  (Can we just blame that on my Norwegian blood? Surely the Vikings weren’t patient, and they have their own amazing television series now.) However, with that said, saving for something is definitely rewarding.  No, you can’t have it right then, but when you finally can get it?  Awesome. Sauce.

Which brings me back to my first sentence.  Tomorrow I am purchasing my very first Erin Condren Life Planner, as well as a couple accessories.  And?  Some Erin Condren stickers from Etsy.  I am purchasing a Ready-to-Ship planner (back to that impatient thing), but it comes with a code to order a free personalized cover.  So it’s a win-win.

When it arrives, I will post some pictures of it here.  I also intend to post regularly with updates on how I am using it, or ways that I have decorated the layouts. Maybe monthly?  Although at first, I will probably want to post about 8 times per day.  I’ll try to contain myself, however.  Promise.  I’ll try to promise.  I mostly promise.



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