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Growing Out My Pixie

First, let me preface by saying that every girl should go Pixie at least once in her life. It’s so fun, super care-free and ridiculously cute.

That said, growing out a Pixie cut is so easysomewhat difficultpretty hard, a major pain in the rear end.  However, it can be done!  Here is what I found over the course of the last eighteen months that helped me survive my perpetual bad-hair-day.

February, 2014
  • Embrace the Messy

Your hair right now, has multiple different lengths.  These are going to begin growing out, and it’s going to get a little…well, awkward.  You can hate your hair every morning when you’re getting ready, or you can rock the free-spirit look.  I ended up enjoying my hair at this stage.  I would put a little styling gel in it, shake it up with my fingers (your hands make for the best brush at this length) and let it fall where it wanted to.  If it all landed in the same direction, great.  If I had some pieces that stuck out (see above pic), great. I promise…you rock it, and everyone will love your ‘do.

  • Stay Away From Heat

The idea here, is to allow your hair to grow out healthy and strong.  While I did blow-dry my hair after washing it, I stayed away from curling irons or straighteners.  I was also diligent in conditioning my hair every time I washed it.  Trust me.  Your hair will grow out beautiful and shiny, not dry and damaged, if you try to use heat sparingly.

February, 2015
  • Invest in Clips!

Or bobby pins or scarves or headbands…you get the idea.  Pin your fly-aways back. Put some cute clips in the uneven layers.  Make it easy and wear a stylish headband. Anything to help you feel pretty.  That’s what matters most!

  • Trim it Up

The back of your hair is going to grow faster than the top of your hair.  Which means in about three months, you will have a mullet.  I’m not even kidding.  Total mullet.  Just say no, people.  Just say no to the mullet.  No, really.  Get your hair trimmed regularly until your hair is even all around.

I am about eighteen months into my growing out process, and am finally at a length that I am really enjoying.  I can curl it, pull it into a pony tail, straighten it or just let it air dry.  I still keep it conditioned, and am continuing to grow it out.  You’ll get there, I promise!  Us adventurous women who are gluttons for hair punishment must stick together.  Solidarity, people!

September, 2015

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