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The First

I am a closet blogger.  And by “closet blogger,” I mean that I have written countless blog posts in my head, enjoying the reactions of my huge fan-base, all of whom have been breathlessly awaiting each new post and witty sentence. Roll out the virtual red carpet, Stacie has written something!

The sad thing is, I am only partially joking.

However, while I may be a closet blogger, I am a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the Doubters Club.  Perhaps you have heard of said club?  I bet you have.  There are thousands…perhaps millions…of members.  And joining is super-easy.  All you have to do is doubt your own abilities.  Ever compare yourself to another woman, and decide that you don’t measure up?  Congratulations! You’re already a member of good standing in my club. Ever thrown a dream aside because you’re not skilled enough?  Yep.  You’re a member. What about your past?  Ever wonder where “that person” went?  Before life happened?  Yep.  You’re getting the picture.

So, back to my closet blogging.  Every time I decided to go ahead and plunge into the world of Starbucks, tablets, ear buds and lattes, I would remember my so-called shortcomings.  Such as, “What can you possibly type about that is interesting? You aren’t especially organized.  You aren’t especially creative.  You aren’t especially…well, anything.”  But dang it, I love to write.  So, here I am.  I figure, if nothing else, my attempts at life should be seriously entertaining.  Right?  Right.

So, here’s to my first post.  May it be the first of many random ramblings with slight humor, partial sarcasms and the occasional error in grammar.  Because I type like I talk.  Ahem.


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